PVC发泡剂 MSV-206

应用:广泛应用在 PVC,TPE,EVA 的挤出、注射发泡产品,及皮革及涂层中运用,为一款性价比优良的 ADC 发泡剂。

Application:it is an excellent AD foaming agent widely used on PVC,TPE,EVA injection and

extrusion foaming products,and also it applies to the usage of leather and the coating。


Properties:yellow powder,supplies heat

细度:4-6 微米

fineness :4-6mm


gas evolution:200ml/g


Initial processing temperature:175℃ 

加工性:主体成分 ADC,但相对于普通 ADC 发泡剂 MSV-206其更细小的粒径可以得到更好的分散和更好的发泡过程控制以及更集中的放气温度区域,其加工温度 170-190℃(依据配方体系:

有机锡体系取高值,钙锌和铅系取低值)可达到最佳发泡效果,在 PVC 木塑及非木塑发泡制品中

配合白发泡MS-109  效果更优,一般制品厚度≤5mm 白发泡 MS-109 和MSV-206 的比例为 1:2-1:1,制品厚度>5mm 白发泡MS-109  和MSV-206 的比例为 1:1-4:1 效果最优。

Workability:The main ingredient  is ADC, but compared  with the normal ADC  foaming  agent

MSV-206   ,its dedicate grains can get better dissertation,making the foaming process easier be controlled and the gas  temperature  area  more  concentrate 。   the processing  temperature  is between170  and  190℃(according to formula  system:organic tin take  high value,calcium and  lead system take low value) which can reach the best foam results.while the effect will better when the PVC wood-plastic or non mixed the white foaming MS-109 。Normal products' thickness≤5mm,the proportion of MS-109  and MSV-206 is 1:2-1:1,products thickness>5mm the proportion of white MS-109  and MSV-206 is 1:1-4:1,it can reach the best effect。


Health properties:non- poisonous


Mechanics properties:foaming products could form stereotyped structure like a cellular,And could get favorable mechanical strength。


  Recommended does:injection foam:0.3-2%;extrusion foam:0.3%-2.5%